4 Questions to Ask Your Cheating Wife

Published: 01st September 2010
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Before you get back together with your cheating wife there are four questions you really need to take the time to ask her. You may not believe you want the answers to these questions but they are answers you need to know the answers to. In this case, that need really is all that matters.

Your cheating wife broke your heart. Failing to get the answer to these questions can do much worse to you than simply breaking your heart.

1) Is my health at risk? The problem with women in this situation is that they don't often plan for cheating. They don't have a steady supply of condoms on hand for when the perfect opportunity to cheat arises. Many women rely on some form of birth control as a contraceptive but that offers no protection from STDs. You need to find out if condoms were used and even then both of you need to have a full medical checkup now and in the months to come.

2) How long did the affair last? This is one question you need the answer to for the sake of your sanity. You need to know how long she was seeing this other man and just how serious it was. Women often cheat for emotional reasons rather than physical reasons so the odds are good that there is a strong emotional connection between your wife and the man she cheated on you with. It may or may not be love but the longer the affair lasted, the greater the odds are that it's something much stronger than mere curiosity.

3) Why? This is one of the first questions many women ask men when the roles are reversed but surprisingly few men ask their wives when the wife is the one doing the cheating. You need to know why she cheated before you can move forward. Otherwise, the underlying problems in the relationship that made cheating an attractive possibility will continue and she may be tempted to cheat on you again. It's not enough just to know why; you have to do something about it too.

4) Where does this leave us? Make sure to use the word "us" rather than "me" in this particular question. It shows your wife that you are still willing to try and make the marriage work. It also shows her that she's not in this alone. She feels much more alone than you realize at this moment. If she's hoping you can work things out this question will convince her you can.

The pain of finding out your wife is cheating is only intensified when it's combined with the pain of letting her slip through your fingers and finding out later that all you want is to get your ex back.

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