4 Secret Weapons to use in the War to Win back Your Cheating Wife

Published: 08th March 2010
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Your cheating wife might not realize it but her actions have started a war. The war is one that is being waged in your heart and hers. The good news, if there is such a thing as good news in a moment like this, is that this is a war that can most definitely be won.

Here are 4 secret weapons you need to bring to the battle with you that are sure to help you win the war for her heart and her loyalty.

1) A wink and a smile. While in some books this might count as two they work together as one. Your wife fell in love with your playful side. How often does she see the man who swept her off her feet these days? Do you make it a priority to make her smile? How often do you smile at her? It's little things like this that make all the difference in the world to her.

2) A friendly ear. You listened to everything she had to say back when you were dating. You hung on her every word just as she hung on yours. Now that you're married it seems to be less of a priority and you are much more likely to bury your head in the television, computer, or newspaper than to carry on an actual conversation much less listen to what she has to say. Try asking about her day and really listening to her answer for a change.

3) A worry free moment that is just about the two of you. It's hard to let go of the worries of the world but there are times when it is necessary. You might not think it's good to spend money on dinner and a movie for the two of you when the economy is so uncertain. But sometimes you need to throw caution to the wind (provided it adds no immediate danger to your financial situation) and do something special for just the two of you.

4) Two hands willing to pitch in and get the job done. She does a lot for you and the family. Many of the things she does you take for granted. Do you have any idea what it would mean to her for you to give her a night off from bathing kids, washing dishes, cooking dinner, or folding laundry? How about just helping get the house neat and clean before company comes? These little things add up and make her feel appreciated and valued.

It's never too late to get your ex back no matter how far gone or madly in love you believe she might be with the other man. All you need is a solid plan to help you win her back and to put the tips above to work for you once you do. Start with step one from this free video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBgWDiYYnxl and she'll only have eyes for you before you know it.

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