8 Simple Rules For A Happy Reconciliation

Published: 22nd February 2012
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Happy relationships aren't as common today as they used to be. People lead busy lives and personal relationships, marriages, and even families often get a little lost in the frantic pace of life. If you're fortunate enough to get a second chance with the one you love, keep these simple rules for a happy reconciliation in mind so that you don't squander this gift a second time.

1) Chose your words wisely. Words, once said, are like bells they can't be un-rung. You can apologize all you want but you can't take them back. You're going to have arguments and disagreements. You may even have a few knock-down drag-out fights where dishes go flying across the room. But you need to guard your words at times like these more carefully than Midas guarded his gold.

2) Practice patience. This is something you need to do with yourself as well as with your partner. Patience is something that will be necessary in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead. All relationships are exercises in patience to some degree. The same is true of romantic relationships. There are going to be times when you're not on the same page, when your wires get crossed, and when you wonder if you're even from the same planet. Be patient and things should work out well for you both in the end.

3) Be positive. Positivity is one of the best practices in modern relationships. You can't turn on the television, the computer, or talk radio without hearing someone ranting in anger over one issue or another. There is enough negativity in the world. Be a source of positive ideas and encouragement for your partner and yourself. Life will seem so much friendlier on all sides when you do.

4) Set goals. This is something you should do together. You should set goals for your relationship and for yourselves. When you set these goals together you're not only going to have your partner's input but also you also get the added benefits of accountability and encouragement.

5) Make plans. This is another thing that needs to be done together. When you are both involved in planning for the future in your relationship you'll be happier, together, as a result. You'll both know what's going on and what your role in making it happen are.

6) Become your partner's biggest fan. You have a lot of influence in your partner's life. If you're negative about your partner it will weigh your partner down. If you are a force for cheer and encouragement it will lift your partner up (and make your partner happier with you and your relationship).

7) Make time for each other. Time is critical in any relationship. You must have time together to nurture the relationship you've built. You also need that time in order to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Your partner is supposed to be the most important adult person in your life. You must make time to spend with your partner for that to remain the case for both of you.

8) Live in the moment together. It's great to make plans for the future. It's good to have goals to work for. But if you aren't taking the time to enjoy the moments you have right now together you may wake up alone all over again. That's the last thing you want after you've worked so hard to get your ex back.

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