Breaking Up Over Money How Can We Stop The Madness?

Published: 20th June 2011
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Did you know that breaking up over money is one of the most common reasons for relationships to end? It's true. Couples break up over money all the time. Not just in the U.S. but around the world as well. It's becoming a huge problem in relationships today in a way that it's never been in the past.

Theories as to Why Money is Such a Factor

In the dark ages of the past, women rarely worked outside the home. They had little or no money of their own. They were given allowances to pay for groceries and the men handled the family finances. Today things have changed.

Most household require two incomes in order to function. But with two breadwinners, there are a lot of conflicts about who buys the bread and what percentage of the bread each person should pay for.

For the first time in the history of the world it is becoming increasingly common for women to earn more money than the men they are married to. This creates some friction of its own. Women still want to be pampered by their men.

But there is another new problem to consider. Men today are becoming "spenders" more than ever before in history too. It used to be that men would wear the same shirt until long after its usefulness had expired. Not anymore. Men are demanding bigger closets, bathroom products of their own, and shoe budgets to rival those of many women (perhaps the shoe part is a stretch). In other words, the traditional savers have started spending and now no one is saving. The entire financial dynamics in relationships are changing fast.

Classic Money Problems in Relationships

In the past, there have always been disagreements over how money was spent, who it was spent on, and how much money should go into savings. Men and women have always had core disagreements on this. Women are more often born to spend while men have traditionally been more interested in saving money.

How to Stop the Money Madness

If you want to save your relationship from allowing money problems to consume you both then you need to find a way to get the financial friction well in hand. Go see a financial planner together and work on a financial plan that would work for both of you. There's too much love in your relationship to let it all slip away over something like money.

If you want to get your ex back after you've already broken up then you need to go see a financial planner on your own and get your financial house in order to set the example. Then you need to watch this free video: to see what your first move to get your ex to take your call needs to be.

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