Cheating Wife Advice – How do I Handle My Cheating Wife?

Published: 09th July 2010
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It's no picnic dealing with a cheating wife. You'll probably want to get all the cheating wife advice you can but then again, you don't really want anyone to know. Women have their girlfriend's to turn to when the roles are reversed. But men don't really share these types of things.

For some men, it's a matter of wounded pride. You don't want anyone to know your wife cheated on you. For other men though it's just a matter of not opening up with other men in this manner. It's a little too touchy-feely for the comfort of most men.

Where Should Men Never Turn for Cheating Wife Advice?

Well you certainly shouldn't turn to other men. That's just a disaster waiting to happen. You should also never, ever, under any circumstance consider talking to your mother about this. She may be the wisest woman you know but if you are harboring any thoughts of working your marriage out this is information your mother needs to never hear.

You may be able to forgive your wife and take her back. Your mother, will never forgive her for hurting you this way. She will make Endora seem like a dream mother-in-law by comparison.

Who Can You Trust to Help You Handle Your Cheating Wife?

Oddly enough you are the only one who can help you now. It's true. You now have the potential to be your own best friend or your own worst enemy. The bottom line is that this is a decision that will impact the rest of your life.

It's very difficult to undo the deed if you send her packing so you need to know for sure that is the best decision for you before you make it.

How do you make such a monumental decision? You use a strong combination of logic and emotion (while not being ruled by either as your guide). Lists are excellent tools to help you make the right decision.

Make a list of all the reasons for staying and another list of all the reasons for leaving. Compare the two lists and decide which one really is the most compelling reason for you.

Is it all about absolutes? Absolutely not! There is no absolutely right or wrong answer.

Your wife cheated. She should not get off free and easy but that doesn't mean you must punish both of you by ending the relationship.

It also doesn't mean that you should be cruel or harsh when dealing wit her. You do need to make it clear if you decide to stay that this will not be tolerated again.

Sometimes the initial reaction you have is one you later regret. If you want to get your ex back after you dumped her for cheating there is hope.

But, you might need a little help putting her in a forgiving frame of mind. Here's the best help you could hope for: It's the same help that has assisted 6,000 plus other couples work out their relationship woes. Maybe it will be the perfect solution for your relationship too.

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