Did I Make Him Cheat Understanding The Impact Of Insecurity On Cheating

Published: 27th October 2010
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Insecurity has a profound impact on cheating. Many women are left to wonder "did I make him cheat" after learning they've been cheated on. Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, he's a grown man. You can't make him do anything. He must accept responsibility for his own actions in the relationship just as you must accept responsibility for the role you play.

Could you have contributed to his cheating? Sure you could have. Many men feel that there is a lot of energy required to constantly reassure jealous or insecure wives but the bottom line is that they chose to cheat in the end and that responsibility rests with them alone.

What does your insecurity have to do with his cheating? In the end, insecurity has nothing to do with his cheating. But, his cheating is often a symptom of something bigger that may be broken in the relationship.

Equality of Emotion

You must ask yourself why you feel so insecure. Does he fail to instill confidence in you? Do you feel that he doesn't love you? Do you fear that your love for him is greater than his for you?

These problems and fears have the potential to become huge problems in the relationship and you need to explore the relationship and yourself in order to find out where these insecure feelings are coming from and whether there really is fire beneath all that smoke.

Personal Insecurity

Or, are your insecurities more personal in nature. Do you feel as though you are unlovable because you don't look like a swimsuit model? Do you believe you aren't pretty enough for the man you married? Do you believe that the next pretty blonde he walks by is going to take him away from you forever?

It's time for you to go take a nice long look in a different kind of mirror. You are the same woman your husband married. He loves you as you are. And you know what? He chose to marry you: faults, flaws, less flattering features, and all. It's time to look past the insecurities and your own personal perceived flaws and see the woman in the mirror that your husband sees every time he looks at you.

Sorting it all Out

In the end you're going to have to figure out why you feel so insecure and how to handle it so that it doesn't become a problem in your marriage. There are all kinds of self help guides available that can help you overcome insecurity and even make the changes that will help you feel better about yourself. Whichever serve you best (or both as the case may be) might be a good investment for you to make.

Even if you wait a little too late to find your own self worth and gain a little much needed confidence you can still get your ex back.

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