Getting Back to Basics – How to be More Intimate with Your Wife after She Cheated

Published: 21st March 2011
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The one thing that most men are shocked and amazed to discover is that they have a difficult time being intimate with their wives after they find out she's cheated on them.

This isn't something that happens to all men. In fact, there are generally two types of men. There are those who feel compelled to mark or reclaim their territory when it comes to physical intimacy while others are reluctant to return to the bedroom.

There shouldn't be shame on either side of that equation. In fact, if you're trying to work things out with your wife after she cheated on you, you should feel PROUD of yourself. In fact, now's a great time to give yourself one GIANT pat on the back.

It isn't an easy decision to stay with your wife and work things out. It's hard to put your heart on the line again like that. It's a sign of just how much you love your wife and want to work things out that you're willing to do this.


If you are having a hard time being intimate with your wife in the aftermath of her cheating, it can be frustrating for both of you. Here are a few tips that should help you bring back the intimacy into your marriage once and for all.

Let your wife set the pace. Oddly enough this works for some men in this situation. This isn't the way it always needs to be. But, in the beginning it can help you get back into the swing of things if you're just allowing yourself to be part of the process rather than driving the process.

Don't rush in. There is a lot going on inside your head. If you aren't feeling it there's no reason to push things. That will only make the frustration more intense and lead to anger and, possibly, resentment. Those are things you definitely DON'T want to happen when you're trying to save your marriage after your wife cheated on you.

Go for a change of scenery. Get out of the bedroom. Get out of the house too. Try something daring or go away for a weekend. The point is to get out of the same four walls and see what wonderful things can happen for you. No you don't have to move. Generally speaking getting started up again is the hard part. Once the floodgates are open there's no stemming the tide.

Intimacy IS important in your marriage. You're going to have to address the problem at some point if you are serious about saving your marriage. But, you don't have to go back to the way things were overnight.

Allow yourself, your mind, and your body a little time to heal and adjust before you worry about losing your marriage, needing to get your ex back, or figuring out how to make your marriage work after your wife cheats on you.

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