Getting Over a Cheating Wife – How to Move on after Your Wife Cheats

Published: 05th July 2010
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It isn't easy getting over a cheating wife. It would be one thing if it was just a low blow to your pride. The problem is this one hit you where it really hurts - your heart.

You love your wife but you aren't sure you can keep on keeping on with your marriage after you've learned that your wife has been cheating on you.

You're not alone. The problem of infidelity is more widespread than people realize. While it is often assumed that the men are the primary cheaters, the numbers aren't bearing that out.

In fact, recent numbers show that women and men are almost evenly split when it comes to cheating. Not that this information is going to help you feel any better.

But, how do you get over your wife's cheating so that you can move on with your life?

If you're like many people who have just discovered a partner's infidelity, you feel as though you are in a state of limbo. You aren't sure where you should turn, who you should trust, or even if you should stay or go.

This is an uncomfortable place to be for a man like you. You are normally a man who is ready to make a decision or choose a path and go with that choice whether it's right or wrong.

This choice however, is bigger than all those others. This is the choice of your lifetime and shouldn't be made on a whim or without a lot of thought. Don't allow yourself to be pushed into a decision you aren't ready to make or you risk making a decision that no one, especially you, is happy with.

How do You Move on After Your Wife Cheats?

Pick a path. You can't continue on in limbo indefinitely. You must eventually choose a path to take. Even if you choose wrong, there is an opportunity to make corrections later.

My suggestion is to err on the side of your heart but if you can't bring yourself to do that just yet you must either seek a little more time in making your decision or cut your losses and work to move on without your wife by your side.

How do you Move on Without Her?

One day at a time. These words of wisdom have withstood the tests of time because as difficult as it is to do; it is often the only path to take. Keep putting one foot in front of the other until you realize your walking. Then work on running instead.

If you feel as though you've made a mistake in letting her go and want to get your ex back, there is still hope for you and your marriage.

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