He Dumped Me For Another Girl What's Wrong With Me?

Published: 30th March 2011
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Has your boyfriend dumped you for another girl? Are you sitting home alone wondering what's wrong with you? Are you comparing yourself to every girl you come across and finding yourself wanting? This is common in your situation. Unfortunately, it generally provides little help. The thing is that most men who leave for another woman soon come to regret their rash actions.

He'll find out soon enough that while the grass may have seemed greener when he was with you, when the situation changed, so did the appeal of the grass. Men often find "the other woman" to be an attractive option because she represents an ideal the benefits of a girlfriend or wife without the strings and responsibilities that are attached. It makes a huge difference when she doesn't want him to mow the lawn or paint the garage or even put the seat down. These are things that seem so inconsequential to you but plague him constantly and reek of your disapproval. Every time you ask him to do these things he sees it as nagging, showing disappointment, or pointing out the things you see as flaws. The other woman doesn't do these things. Or it could be that he simply doesn't notice because she doesn't have quite the power over him on an emotional level that you do have.

In other words, it's not always a fault, flaw, or inadequacy on your part that drives him into the harms of another woman. Sometimes it's his own wish for a place where he no longer has the responsibilities of being in a committed relationship. In this case, he believes, foolishly, that things will be different if he enters into a committed relationship with the other woman. If you want to get your ex back after he's left you for another woman there's only one thing you really need to do. You need to be able to outlast the other woman.

You don't have to go and work your butt of to lose the 10 pounds you've gained during the last five years you've been together. You don't have to have a facelift or other augmentations in order to look younger and/or perkier. You don't have to become a "Stepford" wife in order to be the perfect mate for your husband. You simply have to be the person he loves, stay true to who you are, and last longer than his relationship with this other woman.

When you are able to do these things, you should have very little trouble getting the second chance you want with your husband. If you aren't willing to wait, however, you could try this second chance letter and enjoy the same amazing success that other woman have by getting your boyfriend back fast.

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