How Can I Convince Her to Give Me a Second Chance?

Published: 20th April 2011
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My girlfriend broke up with me. I know I was at least partly to blame. I've turned over a new leaf and really want to win her back. How can I convince her to give me a second chance so we can get back together and stay together this time?

Breakups suck! There's no easy way to spin it. No matter how mutual you try to spin them someone always ends up getting hurt. There's always one person who wanted to make it work or believed that making it work was the right choice to make. It's not easy to be the one on the receiving end even if you feel it was, to some extent, justified. Now that you've decided you want to really work to get your girlfriend back it can be even more difficult especially if you're having a hard time getting her on the same page.

What Doesn't Work?

Before you learn about the right steps to make it's important to learn which moves will do more harm than good. From your point of view you want results and you want them NOW. It's understandable. But, coming on too strong will hurt your cause and could actually push your girlfriend even further away. That's the last thing you want to happen right now.

The other thing that doesn't work is for you to beg for a second chance. Women want a man they can turn too for strength. When you turn to her for a second chance you need to come into the situation from a position of strength. Have a plan in place that is designed to get results and don't let emotions, as strong as they may be, steer you off course.

Just to recap, coming on too strong is a bad thing. But so is showing weakness. These are two things you never want to do when you're working to get your ex back.

What Should You do Instead?

You want to ease her into the idea of a second chance romance with you. You want to give her the opportunity to see what the new you is all about. Let your plan build up over time instead of hitting her over the head with it all at once if you really want it to work.

There are few absolute right ways to win the heart of the girl you love a second time around. However, a good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that she is the same girl whose heart you've already won. All you really need to do is retrace the steps you took to win her heart the first time around while leaving out a few of the missteps you made along the way. If you really want to make your relationship work this is the best way by far to get the job done.

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