How do I Deal With My Anger Over Being Dumped?

Published: 18th May 2011
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My girlfriend dumped me. She just left me out of the blue. She says it's not someone else. She says it's her and not me that's the problem. The problem is that now I'm just so full of anger because she dumped me. I don't like feeling so angry all the time. How do I deal with my anger over being dumped?

Find a Great Punching Bag

Anger is one emotion that is more destructive than any other when not properly channeled. The key in dealing with your anger over being dumped involves finding positive ways to channel that anger. Boxing is not a good idea. You don't want to spar with other people while angry. But punching bags, on the other hand are a great way to work off that excess anger and work through the feelings of hurt and betrayal you may be experiencing as well.

The other benefit of punching bags is that while you're working off that extra anger you're getting in great shape too. You'll look better, feel better, and no longer be carrying around the excess baggage of anger in your heart and mind and those extra pounds in your mid-section. It's a good way to deal with a bad problem.

Put it in Writing

Another great thing you can do, one that many men are oddly reluctant to do, is write it all down. Most men aren't good at writing about their emotions. But when you do this the right way it can be rather cathartic.

The really cool thing about writing it all out is that you can burn the paper after writing it all down. As the flames die out, so does your anger. This is a technique that many counselors have used over the years to help people deal with painful and even harmful emotions. There's something about watching the anger go up in flames like that, that actually helps many people find healing.

Get Your Girlfriend Back

No, this isn't about getting back at your girlfriend. This is about getting her back in your life for good. When you take the time to focus your emotions on something positive like ending your pain once and for all you'll be much better prepared to deal with your anger when it crops up unexpectedly.

Making plans is a surprising way to eliminate the anger that would otherwise spill over into all areas of your life. It's a way to channel that energy for something positive and to end the reason you're feeling all that anger once and for all.

You don't have to get your ex back in order to deal with the anger but if you still love your ex girlfriend it's certainly an option to consider. Of course you'll need a proper plan of action to make that happen. Follow these step by step instructions -> and see just how quickly she'll be eating out of your hands again.

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