How do You Forgive Yourself for Cheating?

Published: 01st March 2010
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One of the most difficult things you can do after cheating is look yourself in the mirror. This is especially true if you love the person you cheated on. This is one of the final taboos in life that many men and women never break. You might feel as though you are a truly terrible person for having done the deed.

Now your job, whether or not you tell the injured party, it to begin making amends and fix what is broken in your relationship. Make no bones about it there is something you aren't getting in your relationship or you would have never given in to temptation in the first place. Find out what that missing ingredient is and fix it fast.

How do you forgive yourself for cheating?

Start by making a few decisions. Does your spouse know? If not the first big decision is whether or not you inform your spouse.

To Tell or not to Tell

Before you go all noble and tell the injured party you need to think long and hard about your motivation for doing so. Is this to really have open and honest communication between the two of you or is it a matter of guilt? I'm not advocating either way (telling or not). I'm just saying that if you're doing it to relieve your guilty conscience you're doing it for all the wrong (in other words selfish) reasons.
Carefully examine your reason for telling your spouse. If you're looking to forgive yourself this won't make it any easier in the long run. Your forgiveness needs to be won in the mirror long before you try to gain forgiveness in the eyes of your spouse.

Where do You Begin Forgiving Yourself?

Start by doing good deeds for others. Your spouse is an excellent candidate. Small acts of kindness and thoughtfulness by you towards your wife can make a huge difference in your relationship. They can also bring a little personal redemption that will help you find the forgiveness you seek.

Forgive your Spouse to Forgive Yourself

Whether you realize it or not there is something you weren't getting from your spouse that you really need. If you want to get forgiveness you're going to have to give out a little forgiveness first. Forgive your spouse for not giving you what you need. Learn to ask for the things you really do need and learn to move forward towards a better relationship rather than dwelling on the failures and/or misdeeds of the past.

Forgiving yourself is one of the first steps necessary to get your wife back. Don't think you can win her back after cheating? There's no job that's really too big. Start with a plan and get to work on step one I teach in this free video: right away.

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