How Long Should I Put My Life on Hold Waiting for My Ex to Come Back?

Published: 08th August 2011
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Have you been waiting for something to give so that you can get your back? How long has that wait been? Are you beginning to wonder if your patience is ever going to pay off? You've probably been told that "no contact" is the way to go when you're trying to get your ex back. But no one seems to be able to reach a consensus on how long you should wait before you give up and move on. You just want to know this: "How long should I put my life on hold waiting for my ex to come back?" It's a good question to ask.

Perhaps it's not yet time to give up on getting your ex back but to reexamine the tactic or technique you're using to get your ex to come back. But, before you do anything you should ask yourself a few important questions.

How Long has it Really Been?

Sometimes what feels like an eternity has only been a couple of weeks. Surely you can afford that much time and a good bit more for something as important as a second chance with the love of your life. Many couples take several months to find their way back to each other and sometimes it can take as much as a year.

I know the days seem to drag on endlessly when your heart is broken but the rewards are worth this time in purgatory if you can manage to win back the heart of your ex in the process.

How Have You Been Spending Your Time?

The time will go much faster for you if you spend the time investing in your future and the future of your relationship. You know that no relationship is perfect. Your relationship with your ex had its share of flaws, problems, and bones of contention. It's time to get busy correcting what can be corrected and trying to gain a whole new attitude about everything else.

What changes have you made to make yourself a better person and partner for the person you love enough to wait for? Have you gone back to school? Are you getting your financial situation in order? Have you made improvements in your appearance that are sure to please your ex? Or are you sitting back and waiting for changes to come to you? It makes a huge difference when you are taking active measures to be part of the solution for your relationship.

If you haven't seen results after a few months of no contact and you still want to get your ex back you shouldn't give up just yet. Watch this free video=> and find out what your next move needs to be for a successful outcome.

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