How to get that Second Date: 5 Tips for Dating Well after a Breakup

Published: 22nd February 2010
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Dating after a breakup doesn't have to be a one shot deal. The more practice you get the better the odds will be that you'll wheedle a second date out of the deal. However, if you use these five tips you will greatly improve your odds for a second date every single time.

What are they?

1)Be on time. Don't be 30 minutes early. Don't be a half hour late. Be on time even if you have to drive around her block a few times or park around the corner while you wait. It's a small touch that will mean a lot more to her than you realize.

2)Contribute to the conversation. She really wants to learn about you. That isn't going to happen if you aren't revealing anything at all. One word answers and curt responses aren't going to cut it if you're really angling for a second date. You're going to have to converse, reveal, and contribute. It'll do you some good to break out of your shell once in a while.

3)Have a plan for the evening. Don't just show up and ask her what she wants to do. Be open to suggestions or rearranging those plans if needed but have a plan in mind for what you're going to do and where you're going to go when you get there. She doesn't want to spend half the first date working out the details. She wants to be spending that time learning a little more about who you are as a person and whether or not she's really interested in learning more about you.

4)Show an interest in her. Ask questions about her. Listen to her responses and ask follow up questions. Be interested in what she has to say. It will flatter her because odds are good she's coming out of a relationship too and may feel as though men in general aren't interested in what she has to say. Be the man who is interested and she'll be much more willing to go on a second date with you.

5)Make the first move. Women have been taught that it's wrong or impolite to make the first move. That means that even in this modern day it's up to you to do the asking, for most women if there is to be a second date. You do not need to ask during your date. You can call and ask later if you'd like. It will give you both a little time to digest the details of your date and decide if you're interested in another.

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