How to Help Your Wife Heal After You've Cheated on Her

Published: 14th March 2011
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Cheating on your wife causes wounds that run deep. You know you've hurt your wife. Part of you hates yourself for it. You want to help her but everything you try to do seems to make things worse. Is there anything you can do to help your wife heal after you've cheated on her?

You've probably tried all kinds of things to "make it up" to your wife. You know that your marriage is on the line. You want to save your marriage but it's more important to you to make your wife happy or try to in light of what you've done.

The problem is that nothing you try seems to make a difference as far as your wife is concerned. You know it's going to take time to get your marriage back on track but you really thought you'd see some signs of life by now.

Does this sound familiar?

It isn't easy for your wife to turn back to you after she finds out that you've turned to another woman. Some women are unable to do this at all, no matter how much time has passed.

Cheating does destroy some marriages but it doesn't have to destroy your marriage.

You just need to change your approach. Cheating is a different kind of hurt over forgetting anniversaries, birthdays, or PTO meetings. Cheating is a hurt that not only hurts her on the surface but also goes much deeper than just the hurt you've caused and plays on her own doubts and fears.

This time, your wife needs something a little different from you. She doesn't need flowers and jewelry. Those things are nice but they don't even scratch the surface at a time like this. There are other things your wife needs from you that are going to go much deeper and do so much more good for your efforts to save your marriage after cheating on your wife.

In the end it comes down to three things your wife needs from you. These three things are things that money can't buy no matter how much money you try to throw at the problem. But, if you're sincere about learning how to help your wife heal after you've cheated on her you're going to find a way to give her these three things she needs so much.

What are they? They are time, reassurance, and appreciation. These three things will help your wife heal after you've cheated on her faster than any gifts you could buy in a hundred years of marriage.

The one reality that remains though is that if you don't find ways to give your wife the things she needs to heal after you've cheated you'll soon be looking into how to get your ex back instead of how to help her heal.

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