How to Know if Your Cheating Husband Loves You Like He Says

Published: 10th March 2011
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Your cheating husband says he loves you but how do you know it's true? This is the question playing over and over in your mind. Your trust in your husband is shattered. You don't think you can believe a single word he says in light of the fact that he cheated on you.

How could he do THAT if he really loved you? How could he hurt you that way? How can you trust him ever again knowing the he cheated and that he lied to cover that up?

These are all valid questions. But don't forget the one question your heart is asking quietly but consistently in the background what if he's telling the truth?

Your heart WANTS to believe that he still loves you. Your heart is still madly and deeply in love with him. Your heart can just stop doing what it does best because you've been hurt by the man you love. Your heart loves without condition.

It's your head that is causing the problems here and your head that is worth listening to as well. Here are a few signs to look for that will let you know he really is sincere about his love for you and his desire to save your marriage.

He's Really Listening

Has he started listening to you recently? Not just hearing the words you're saying but really listening to what you have to say and what is being left unsaid?

Is he going the extra mile to be the man he thinks you want him to be? For the average man that is expressing his love for you the only way he knows how by trying to give you what you're asking him for.

He's Showing You Appreciation

This is the one thing that most women feel is lacking in their marriages even when they feel confident of their husband's love. If YOUR husband is going the extra mile to show you his appreciation and tell you how much he appreciates YOU then he is showing you the love in the biggest way he knows how.

You FEEL Loved by Him

The best way to gauge whether or not you believe he's sincere in his love for you is by how you feel about him and his love. Do you feel loved by your husband? Do you feel that he isn't looking at any other woman on the planet right now?

It may take a little time and convincing on his part but once he gets you to this point then it's a fairly safe bet that he's in this for the long haul.

There are no absolutes in relationships. There is no set in stone guidebook that guarantees there will be no bumps in the road along the way. But if you don't learn to weather a few twists and turns you're going to be wondering how to get your ex back before you know it.

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