How to Seduce Your Ex Boyfriend: Super Secret Seduction Technique that Delivers

Published: 04th March 2010
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He left you high and dry. You wanted revenge. You wanted to get even. Now, all you really want is to know how to seduce your ex boyfriend to get him back in your bed.

Breakups can bring out the best and the worst in people. Emotions are high and the tension can be unbearable. You've probably gone through all kinds of steps in the healing process to bring you where you are now.

Now you've reached a point where you've decided that you don't want his head on a platter. You want it on your pillow.

It's not an entirely unhealthy place to be. It's much better than swimming in a sea of doubt and depression.

So, how do you go about seducing your ex and making him weak in the knees for you?

It's not as difficult as you might think.

Your ex may have this Superman fa├žade going on but deep down inside he has his own insecurities and imperfections to deal with. Those are his kryptonite. You need to take them away if you really want to seduce him.

You want to know how to seduce your ex boyfriend? Make it all about him.

Dress up for him. Wear clothes he likes. Fix your hair in a manner that turns him one. Put on his favorite perfume and avoid lipstick if he doesn't like it or pile it on thick if he does. Make this night about him.

You want to know how to really kick the seduction into overdrive? Stroke his, ahem, ego. Let him know that he's the only one for you. Show him your appreciation with actions as well as with words.

Before you put this super secret seduction technique to work for you though it is vital that you watch this free video: I've made for people just like you. It does no lasting good to get him back for one night. Put step one to work for you as you try to get your ex boyfriend back and make it permanent.

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