How To Use Self Interest To Get Your Ex Back

Published: 28th May 2012
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Breakups are messy affairs. No matter how the actual deed went down, there's almost always someone left behind hurting and wishing things were different. If you're the one left behind wondering what went wrong and what, if anything, you could have done differently, this is something you need to see. You definitely need to read this if you're interested in learning how to use self interest to help you get your ex back.

You see, humans are, by design, self-interested beings. Believe it or not, that isn't always a bad thing. In fact, at times like this, you can work that fact to your advantage. After all, you are acting in your own self interest in an effort to get your ex back. It makes sense that appealing to her self-interest can help you accomplish your goals that much faster.

But, before we get to the meat and potatoes of this powerful tactic to help you get your girlfriend back it's important that you decide if you really want to get her back or not. Otherwise you can engage her heart all over again only to break it down the road. So, ask yourself these few questions before you take your planning another step forward.

Why do you really want to get her back?

Love is one thing. Revenge is another thing. But some guys simply don't like letting go of what is familiar even girlfriends who they no longer have those strong attachments to. You're only going to hurt worse or cause her more pain if you prolong things in this manner.

What are you willing to change to get her back?

The problem with breakups is that they usually serve as a major indication that something is wrong and/or missing in the relationship. Are you willing to make changes, long-term and lasting changes, in order to keep her and the new relationship you build together?

How long are you willing to wait?

Sometimes, it takes a while to get past the damage of the past enough to move forward. You have to take a little time to heal on your own while also giving her the time she needs to heal before either of you can really even consider starting over together.

Are you willing to go back to the beginning?

This is the area where a lot of guys struggle. It's easier, in your mind, to pick up where you left off and move forward from there. The problem is, where you left off wasn't all that great. You're going to have to go back this time around in order to move forward. Are you willing to do that?

Once you have the answers to these questions it's time to work a little magic by touching on her personal self interest to get the conversation moving in a direction you can both appreciate. You do this by making a call at a time when you're more likely to leave a message. You don't want her to answer when you call.

You leave a message that sounds something like this: "Hi Susan, It's Steve. I just wanted to thank you for what you did for me. It's not enough just to leave a message. I have something for you but want to give it to you in person. Can you call me back with a good time and place to meet? Thanks!"

Leave it at that. Don't let her badger you into offering any details if she picks up in the middle of the call or when she returns the call. Your best shot at winning her back is in the face-to-face meeting.

But, you should NEVER make this particular call without a strong and definite plan in place for what you're thanking her, what you're giving her, and what your next move to get your ex back is going to be. Watch this FREE video to find out exactly what that next move needs to be and what you MUST do to avoid watching all your plans go up in smoke.

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