My Girlfriend Says She Hates Me Is There Any Hope?

Published: 30th March 2011
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When your girlfriend is throwing around words like "hate" they can hit with the full force of a concussion grenade. Every time the dreaded word comes out it feels like a dagger stabbing straight into your heart. It's one of the toughest words for a man to hear from the woman he loves. But, should you take it at face value? Hate is a strong word. Most people really cannot muster the full force of emotion that goes into a word like "hate" especially not against someone they loved only days, hours, or even moments before. Love and hate may have a thin dividing line but even this line isn't THAT thin.

To make a long story short, YES there is hope if your girlfriend says she hates you. But that doesnt mean there is a quickie fix or an instant solution. There are problems that need to be addressed if "hate" is one of the words being wielded like weapons in your relationship. But, where should you even begin to repair the damage when you feel like you're walking on the edge of a very thin line and that any day she could call the whole thing off?

The best place to begin is in the mirror. Is there anything you're doing that could be seen as provocation by your girlfriend? Are you pushing her out of her comfort zone? Are you taking actions that seem confrontational to her? If it isn't what you are doing; how about what you aren't doing? Are you taking every opportunity to acknowledge her contributions to the relationship? Have you told her lately how much you NEED her in your life? When was the list time you said the words "thank you" to your girlfriend? Things like this are small but they mean so MUCH to her. They can also be the perfect start to the conversation that leads to a second chance for relationship.

Your girlfriend says she hates you but that doesn't mean she does. There's no reason to believe that's the case especially if she hasn't walked out on you yet. Every day that you stay together is another opportunity for you to win her over again.

You have an advantage. You've done this before. You know what to do to sweep her off her feet. If you make one small move to sweep her off her feet and make her heart melt for you every day that you're together, she'll be flinging words of love and affection rather than hurling insults and "hate" your way before you know it. There's no better way in the world to get your ex back or save your relationship than this.

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