My Wife Cheated and Broke My Heart – How do I give Her a Second Chance?

Published: 02nd September 2010
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It's completely natural to wonder how you can give your cheating wife a second chance. No one enjoys the pain of being cheated on. You don't want to risk going through this again and are afraid (yes I know this is another word you don't like using) of going through it all over again if you give your cheating wife a second chance.

That is why it's important to be thorough when you make the decision about whether or not you are going to offer her the second chance she's asking for. Here are a few things you should consider.

1) Do you still love her? Obviously there is a little bit of love there or you wouldn't be hurting this much over her cheating. But, is it the kind of love you can rebuild forever on or has the love you feel for her been diminished by her affair?

2) Do you believe she really is sincere? About wanting a second chance that is. This is important. You know your wife well. Do you believe that she really wants a second chance and that she'll do whatever it takes to make that happen or do you have serious doubts about whether she can remain faithful and work hard to save your marriage?

3) What would you expect from her if the roles were reversed? Do you believe she'd forgive you if you cheated on her? This is not a license to go out and cheat for revenge it's just a question to consider that can help you make the decision you feel is fairest to you.

4) Why did she cheat in the first place? Does she even know? Before you forgive, forget, and move back in together you need to find out why. It's important because if you don't get to the heart of the matter you could wind up in this position again a year or ten down the road despite the best efforts on both your parts.

5) Do the good times you have together outnumber the bad? How good is the divide? You want much better than 50/50 on these numbers but you will have to decide what the magic numbers for your marriage are.

Knowing that your wife cheated is not something that is easy to get over or forget about. Learning to do that and healing the damage that was done before and after the cheating occurred can make your marriage even stronger in the long run though. It doesn't have to be the end for the two of you.

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