Should I Date Someone New While Trying To Get My Ex Back

Published: 16th February 2012
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Many of the books and articles you'll read in your effort to get your ex back will suggest dating someone new as part of your strategy for success. There are many arguments in favor of this tactic and equally man against it. So, how do you know it's the right plan for you as you attempt to gain a second chance with your ex?

The first thing you need to know is that every relationship and person is different. You know your ex better than anyone else and you know yourself pretty well. If you really want to make an honest effort to get your ex back, then the one thing you should focus on, more than anything else, is to be true to who the two of you are. That being said, here are a few general pros and cons for using a "new flame" to get an old flame hot and bothered.

Pros of Dating Someone Else to Get Your Ex Back

There are several different potential benefits worth considering when you want to get your ex back. First of all, and this is a pretty big benefit on a personal level more than anything else, it get you out, about, and socializing. One of the biggest problems people face after breaking up is loneliness and it's hard to feel quite so lonely when you're on a date with someone new. The second benefit is that it helps you begin to think positively again. Seriously, no one is going to go on a date with someone who is all "storm clouds and negativity".

Finally, there's the jealousy factor the one it brings out in your ex. Sometimes it takes nothing more than seeing you happy with someone new to bring your ex running. This brings on an unintended benefit by applying a bit of a sense of urgency for your ex to make a decision if he or she is on the fence about taking you back. The longer you date someone new, the more likely it is that he or she will become a more important and permanent fixture in your life.

Cons of Dating Someone New to Try to Revive Your Broken Romance

There is a huge potential downside to this plan too. The first possible negative is that it could send the wrong signal to your ex especially if you immediately dive in and start dating again. At least allow for a proper "mourning" period to occur before you start going out on the town with another person.

Then there is the emotional factor for the "other" person in this mix. Even if you're completely up front with your reason for dating, the other person can easily form an emotional attachment to you. If you don't come clean that will make it even easier for him or her to fall. It's extremely important to be aware of the feelings of the other person from start to finish and please be honest and up front about what's going on in order to avoid potential misunderstandings.

Finally, there's the jealousy factor. The surprising thing for many people is that this can work for or against you depending on your ex, how you handle things, and what happens between you and the new person you're dating.

The good news is that you don't have to resort to dating someone new in an effort to get your ex back if you're not comfortable with the idea. There's a much better way that doesn't pose so many risks and potential consequences. Watch this FREE video to see why this method has been so successful, 50,119 success stories and counting, and whether or not you believe it can help you make successful plans too.

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