Should I Move On or Keep on Hanging On to Hope that My Ex Will Come Back?

Published: 12th October 2011
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Going through a breakup is hard when you know it's coming. When it takes you completely by surprise it can be completely devastating. It can throw your entire world of its axis. But for many people in this situation there is one thing that keeps them going…hope.

You hope that your ex will come back and that you'll have a chance to work things out. You hope that when your ex does come back you'll be able to say and do the right thing to make your second chance work. You cling to that hope like a lifeline.

But, is that hope holding you back? Or you holding on to that hope so that you don't have to move on with your life?

Is hope becoming a crutch to keep you living in the past?

What if you could maintain your hope but begin to start looking to the future as well?

Hope is a great thing when you're hoping for something to come, when you're expecting great things, or when you have your eyes firmly on the future. Hope that keeps you living in the past and looking at what's behind you can keep you from getting busy taking care of the matters at hand – in the here and now.

We all want to have our cake and eat it too, to some degree. You want to be able to hold on to the hope that you can get what you've lost. But you need to start finding reason to look forward to what lies ahead of you too. You can't spend the rest of your life looking in the past.

So how do you reconcile the two things?

You begin making plans to get your ex back!

Whether you've tried before and failed or you haven't been able to work up the nerve just yet there are things you can do behind the scenes that will help your ex see you in a more favorable light. Then, when the time is right YOU will be ready to make your move.

What kinds of changes can you make that are likely to get the attention of your ex?

1) Get in shape. There are very few people who can't stand to make some improvements somewhere even if it's just to make you feel better about yourself. Go to the gym, go on a diet, work a yoga class into your busy schedule for tone and definition. Do something to make yourself feel like you look your best.

2) Do something you've always wanted to do but have always put off in the past. It's time to be a little daring and a little selfish. Go enjoy that NASCAR experience or visit Star Trek Las Vegas. Attend Comic-con or learn to fly a plane. Now is the perfect time to do something just for you and relish the happiness you feel afterwards.

3) Better yourself. There's probably something you've always wanted to learn – go for it. Maybe you've always wanted to finish college or get an advanced degree. What's holding you back? It's time to start living your life instead of waiting for something to remind you that you're living.

And guess what? Your ex is going to notice. Your ex is going to wonder what's going on with you. Your ex is going to want to get to know the new and exciting you.

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