Should I Start Dating Again Even if I'm Hoping to Get My Ex Back?

Published: 22nd August 2011
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You want to get your ex back. You still love him. You have no doubts about that. You believe that there's a part of him that's still in love with you too. But you're getting a lot of pressure from friends and family to start dating again and to move on with your life without him in it.

You can't help but wonder though "Should I start dating again even if I'm hoping to get my ex back?" There's a small part of you that thinks it would be completely unfair to the guys you date knowing that your heart really isn't in it.

Keeping it Real

The more you try to argue with yourself against dating again though the harder it becomes to keep up the fight. But the honest answer is that it isn't a bad thing to get out there and try to date again. Be honest with the guy you're going out with.

Tell him you're still in love with someone else. Let him know that romance isn't on your mind right now and that you still need a little time to recover from your last relationship. But keep your mind open to possibilities and make no promises that you can't keep.

Dating After a Breakup 101

Dating, after all, is about trying to find the right someone to open your heart to. You don't have to be madly in love in order to accept that first date. Or second. Or third.

What you want to avoid, at all costs, is the dreaded rebound relationship. So, if you're feeling emotions you're not ready to feel with another man it's time to cut things off, reign things in, or find a new guy to date for a little while. Chances are it won't come to that if you play your cards right however.

The Jealousy Factor

The thing about men is that they are very possessive. If he still have feelings for you at all he isn't going to like finding out that you're seeing someone else. It's going to bring out his possessive nature faster than even he realizes.

This works to your benefit if you want to get him back. Because he's probably going to come running as soon as word makes it around to him that you're dating again. It will be even more pronounced if you're dating one guy regularly during that time (just remember that it's never fair to lead another guy on or you run the risk of hurting him the same way you were hurt when your boyfriend left you).

But do you know what to do to get your ex back when he comes running to see what's going on with you and this other guy? Do you know how to keep him and make thing work this time around? Finding the right opening move makes all the difference in the world for getting him. I've made this FREE video -> that maps out exactly what you need to do when he comes around after you've started dating someone new.

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