Six Ways To Give Your Wife The Attention She Needs

Published: 02nd February 2012
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Marriage can be a struggle. This is especially true for men who haven't been shown how women need to be treated in order to feel important, appreciated, and loved by the men in their lives. When a man knows how o make his wife feel appreciated and special, above all else, he is likely to have a long and happy marriage. But the fact that you don't know already doesn't mean you can't learn. Here are six simple things you can do that will make all the difference in the world for your marriage.

1) Notice the details and let her know you do. Your wife is constantly making subtle little changes to her appearance and your home. Most men notice these changes but very few mention them. Fewer still understand that she is making these changes in an attempt to attract his attention and to please him. Notice them. Comment on them. Compliment them. It matters to her a lot more than it matters to you and it costs you nothing at all while bringing her so much pleasure.

2) Unplug for twenty minutes a day and devote that time to her. Twenty minutes might seem like a lot when you're giving up all electronics and devoting your time and attention to your wife. If you play your cards right you'll discover that it's not nearly enough time. Put away all the electronics, give up the video games, and step away from the computer for twenty minutes. Use that time to talk, cuddle, and reconnect with your wife. See how fast your relationship heats up when you make this simple effort.

3) Tell her you think she's beautiful. She'll downplay it. You'll think it doesn't matter. But, it matters to her more than you'll ever know. Above all else she wants to be as beautiful to you as she is. Don't let her lack of response convince you that she's not listening or doesn't believe you. She does and she's thrilled.

4) Acknowledge her contributions and thank her for them. Your wife does a lot for you. She does more than most men realize. Women are taking on bigger and bigger roles in the family these days while still going out and earning a living. While the world has changed to a two-income economy, it has been slow to shift traditional gender roles when it comes to household responsibilities. You need to acknowledge what she does to keep your house running and take care of you and your family.

5) Give her small gifts and other tokens of your affection. You don't have to spend a lot of money to get a huge and highly favorable reaction from your wife. You just have to let your small gifts show her your huge "thanks" for the wonderful woman she is and the great things she does for you. To really get your mileage out of this gift do it at a time that isn't related to Valentine's day, Mother's day, your anniversary, Christmas, or her birthday.

6) Surprise her by pitching in. Even if your idea of pitching in is hiring Merry Maids or some similar organization to come in and help, just knowing that you thought enough of her and her contribution to wrangle help will be touching.

Your wife needs attention from you. She needs to feel as though you really do appreciate her for who she is and all the things she does for you and your family. Sometimes it takes her walking away to make you realize the importance of these six simple actions. While they won't help you get your ex back they will certainly help you keep her once you do.

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