Stop A Divorce From Your Cheating Husband With This Sneaky Simple Solution

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Published: 30th November 2010
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Simple solutions are great for big problems like how to stop a divorce from your cheating husband. When cheating is involved a few sneaky solutions that your husband won't see coming may serve you any better. Well strap on your seat belt because you're about to get one sneaky solution that is so simple you'll have your very own V-8 moment wondering why on earth you didn't think of that.

Here's the deal you're going through at the moment. You've caught your husband cheating and now you're facing an end to your marriage. No matter who asked for the divorce you can stop it in its tracks. But you're going to have to believe you can do it and not give in to the overwhelming temptation to enter into serious panic mode, which can do so much more harm for your cause than good.

So what is this simple sneaky solution you need to convince your husband to give your marriage another chance even though he's been cheating with another woman?

You have to convince him that it is HIS idea.

Think about it. You've probably had to do this more than once during your marriage to get what you want from your husband. If you ask him to do something or telling him he should do something he will revolt and do anything but the thing you want or need him to do. However, if you present the information to him in a way where he believes that he's solving the problem by doing the thing you want or need done, how quickly will he be likely to give you the response you're looking for?

It's the same concept here. If you beg him to give your marriage a second chance he'll run straight into the arms of the other woman that's waiting on him even though that may not even be what he really wants to do. But, if you get him to come to the decision that he wants to save your marriage and win you back, then he'll move heaven and earth to stop a divorce and solve the problems that are holding your marriage back from being the success you both know it can be.

Yes, yes it's a little sneaky but that's what's so great about it. He'll never see it coming and you can reap the rewards of his decision to win you back without putting yourself through endless hours of second-guessing your marriage and doubting the vows you made to one another in the first place.

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