Surviving an Emotional Affair One Critical Thing Needed For Surviving an Emotional Affair

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Published: 06th November 2010
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Believe it or not, surviving an emotional affair is much more difficult for the average family than surviving an affair that is purely physical. Emotional affairs touch the very heart and soul of the person being cheated on. When it's your spouse that's having an emotional affair you may believe that surviving an emotional affair with your marriage in tact is all but impossible. But that's not the case.

There are things you can do to rescue your marriage when your spouse is having an emotional affair. Before you can do anything you need to identify the problem for what it is and get your spouse to admit that there is a problem in your marriage. For most marriages that might prove to be a bit difficult.

The main problem with emotional infidelity is that your spouse will often convince him or herself that he or she is doing nothing wrong. In fact your spouse may be giving himself a nice lengthy pat on the back for resisting temptation and not taking things to the next level. Sometimes your spouse may even resent you a little bit, on a subconscious level, for denying him the opportunity to achieve real happiness with the other woman.

You have to get your spouse to really admit that there is a problem in the relationship and between the two of you. Then you have to make your spouse see that this other person is part of the problem.

Your spouse may try to convince you that you're seeing things that aren't there. Your spouse might get angry. Your spouse is likely to become defensive. Your spouse may even try to convince you that you are one step away from being completely and totally unhinged with jealousy or insecurity.

The bottom line is that if he is close enough with this other woman that it's interfering with your relationship, it's a problem. If he's turning to the other woman for emotional support, encouragement, and advice instead of you, it's a problem.

The problem is, it's not just his problem. It's a problem that impacts both of you and your marriage.

What's the one thing you need for surviving an emotional affair? It's commitment. The most committed in these situations usually wins. Is it you or this other person? Are you committed enough to move heaven and earth for the time together you need to restructure your marriage and maneuver her out of it?

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