Warning Signs Your Wife is Having an Emotional Affair

Published: 13th October 2010
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Do you think your wife is having an emotional affair? Do you want to know that signs that this is happening to your own marriage? This is a question that is becoming more and more common in recent years and one you need to know the answer to for the sake of your marriage.

What are the signs of an emotional affair and how do you stop your wife from cheating on you emotionally?

1) Your wife stops talking to you. This is a huge red flag that is screaming for you to pay attention. If your marriage is like most marriages, your wife discusses any and everything with you in far more detail than you need or want. When she stops talking to you it means there is someone else she is talking to. While it would be nice to assume that it's completely innocent and you may be ever so grateful at first, it's generally a sign that she's withdrawing your status as her confidant and giving it to someone else. That’s a bad thing for the health of your marriage.

2) Your wife is becoming more and more withdrawn. She's not mean and she'll engage in conversation when prompted but she's stopped making an effort to reach out and connect with you. She's stopped being the one doing the trying. Some marriages go through a dry spell but it's times like these when she's most vulnerable to attention some other guy is paying to her. Use this opportunity to engage your wife and try to pull her back into the marriage instead of keeping your distance and waiting for her to snap out of it. Remind her how much you need her in your life and how precious she is to you. That can make all the difference in the world for your future together.

3) Your wife seems to be finding every excuse in the book not to spend time with you and to spend that time online, on the phone, or with some other person away from home. This means that she's not only withdrawing emotionally but physically as well. This is the danger time when perhaps she hasn't yet cheated but she's on the verge of doing so. This is make it or break it time for you and your marriage. At some point you're going to have to confront her about what she's doing and how it's affecting your marriage. Be willing to accept that things may not go your way but let her know that things must change for your relationship to work.

There are so many potential signs of emotional cheating that it's important to be sure that's what is going on before you jump the gun or you'll be looking for ways to get your ex back instead of how to save your marriage.

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