What Can I do to Save My Long Distance Relationship?

Published: 08th June 2011
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Long distant relationships are complicated. You knew that from the beginning. Now that you're in one, you aren't willing to give up on it without putting up a really good fight to save it. You feel like you're drifting apart and want to know, "What can I do to save my long distance relationship when things are starting to look pretty grim?"

The thing about long distance relationships is that there is a huge challenge that people in other relationships aren't facing – distance. It's a rather large obstacle to overcome and the relationship can only sustain itself for so long before some serious decisions must be made.

In other words, there will come a point in time when you have to either make the move to be closer together or consider ending the relationship. There are obvious times when it's impossible to make the move to be nearer to one another. Military service is a prime example. In these cases however, there is usually an end in sight. Most people in the military know about how long they can expect to be away so that plans can be made for the future.

The number one thing you can do to save your long distance relationship when the distances are not the result of service to country is to change the distance dynamic. Before you do that though, you should gauge the thoughts and feelings of your partner to make sure that he or she is interested in going there. This is not a "surprise!" moment you want to spring on someone you're in a relationship with.

Discuss moving closer together and see if that doesn’t put a little bit of a spark back in the relationship. In many long distance relationships, lulls in the relationship are the direct response of distance and melancholy over the seeming lack of options for bridging the distance. When you suggest moving and come up with a plan for how to make it work logistically then there is new hope and new interest in the relationship.

If moving is absolutely not an option for either of you then you have two choices. You can plan more frequent visits between the two of you or you can decide to end things now and make a cleaner break of things than if you wait even longer until even more emotions are invested in your relationship. It wont' be an easy decision but sometimes it is the best decision.

But don't do anything to put the relationship at risk and face the need to get your ex back after the fact, until you've explored all your options for relocation or making your relationship work. There is one plan that has helped people in all manner of situations save their relationships. Watch this free video: http://www.getyourexbacknow.com/just_break_up3.html and see for yourself why it's so successful.

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