When Will I Stop Thinking About My Ex All the Time?

Published: 18th May 2011
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We broke up months ago. He broke my heart really good. What I want to know is this: when will I stop thinking about my ex all the time? Seriously, he's all I think about and it's not getting any better as the months go by. What can I do to really change things and get on with my life without him in it? I'm not asking for a lot, really. I just want to be able to make it through a day without feeling paralyzed by heartache. Is that too much? How do I get there?

Breaking up, or getting dumped as the case may be, hurts. There's nothing fun or easy about it. It's one of the most painful experiences in life that most people ever go through. It's especially painful when you didn't see it coming or were not of the same mind when it happened.

It would be nice if all breakups were mutual and all people seemed to drift apart in relationships at the same time. But that is rarely the case. Most breakups leave one person crying in his or her pillow and the other person sad for causing pain to someone he or she once cared deeply for.

Good Guy vs. Bad Buy

The really sad thing about most breakups is that there isn't a clear cut hero or villain in the situation. There isn't one person that was blameless or completely at fault. Some relationships just don't work because both parties stopped working hard to make them work.

Good relationships don't just happen like a bolt of lightning from the sky. They take work, commitment, planning, and care. It's like a garden. You can just put the seeds in the ground and let nature take its course but then you have no idea what you're really going to get.

If you sit back and try to let nature take its course with your relationship you'll find that your relationship garden is overtaken by weeds and tendrils of doubt, mistrust, missed opportunities, and one person feeling taken for granted or completely unappreciated. That's not what you want for your relationships.

But you need to stop looking for someone to blame and start looking for answers if you want to be able to move on with your life after your relationship has ended. Here are a few things you can do to stop thinking about your ex all the time.

Focus on You for a While

Now is a great time to start making personal changes and improvements that you've always wanted to make. Go out and re-invent yourself. Take a self-improvement course to boost your confidence. Get an education to make yourself more marketable. Do something daring. Make a change that will make you feel better about who you are and where you're going in life.

Get Your Ex Back

If you can't seem to face a lifetime without your ex in it, then perhaps it's time to get your ex back in the game. There's no time better than right now to make that happen. It will help you feel less lonely and may be what he's hoping will happen as well.

The one thing you need, more than anything else, to make that happen is an effective plan of action. Check out this FREE step by step guide -> http://www.getyourexbacknow.com/just_break_up3.html. It will help you get your ex back fast and show you what you need to do to keep him this time around.

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