Why Can't I get my Cheating Wife to Stop?

Published: 12th July 2010
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I want my wife to stop cheating. How do I make that happen? There are far too many people asking that question these days with nearly 60% of people in committed relationships admitting to have cheated on their partners (nearly half of those being women). That's a hard number to fathom and a bitter pill for many men to swallow.

Unfortunately, you didn't just stop loving her the minute you found out she was cheating on you. It would be so much easier if you could have, but love just doesn't work that way. The good news, if you're the silver lining sort, is that her cheating doesn't necessarily mean that she's stopped loving you either.

In fact, it may have taken cheating and being with another man to make her realize just how much she wants to make things work with you. Sometimes the grass might look greener with another man but once reality sets in she realizes how good things are at home with you.

The problem for you isn't that she cheated to begin with (although that's certainly a problem). It's that you can't seem to get her to stop cheating. You've spend hours wondering "why can't I get my cheating wife to stop?" and come up with nothing.

It sounds like you've come to a place in your marriage where you're going to have to make a few hard decisions. You really have three choices at a time like this.

1) Walk away from the marriage.

2) Learn to live with your wife's cheating.

3) Find a way to make your wife stop cheating.

It seems simple in black and white but none of the three choices are exactly easy to make. The thing is you want to save your marriage and get her maker her stop cheating. How you make that happen?

1) Sit down and talk to her. Find out what it is that attracts her to the men she's cheating with. Not physical features but character traits, qualities, and even how he treats her. Find out how he turns her head.

2) Emulate those actions and traits. Become the other man for your wife. Give her what he offers and she'll have no need to look elsewhere for those things she wants or needs from a partner.

3) Lay down the law. If she really wants to work things out and save your marriage too then she might respond. While it's usually not good to issue ultimatums, if the relationship is failing the way things are going then there is little to be lost by telling her that continued cheating will not be tolerated.

Even if you've already separated and are heading for divorce (or even divorced) you can get your ex back. It's not too late as long as you still love each other.

Make your choice to win her back and take action by following a proven method, like this one: http://www.getyourexbacknow.com/just_break_up3.html to win her back.

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