Why is it Harder for Men to Get Over a Cheating Wife?

Published: 21st March 2011
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Oddly enough, it seems that men have a much harder time moving on after their wives cheat. Why is it harder for men to get over a cheating wife than it is for women to get over cheating husbands? If you want to save your marriage after cheating on your husband, you NEED to know this information.

There are a lot of theories floating around about this. Some of them are quite interesting to consider and may be true. Remember, that there are rarely one-size-fits-all answers. But there are a few POSSIBILITIES that might shed a little light on the situation.

It Comes from the Blind Side

Men don't worry about cheating wives the way women worry about cheating husbands. It isn't that they think they are better. It's just that many men feel confident in the love their wives have for them. Women complain about being the last to know but they often suspect long before they are confronted with the reality.

Men, on the other hand, really are blind-sided by the reality of their wife's cheating. It's the fact that they didn't have time to brace themselves at all for a cheating wife that makes it so much harder for them to handle.

It's a Blow to the Ego

For some men, it's harder to get over a cheating wife because of the blow that cheating delivered to their egos. Men, for all their bluster have egos that are rather fragile. That is why they choose women carefully. Men look for a woman that makes him feel respected and admired. They look for women that make them feel good about themselves.

When he learns that his wife has been cheating on him he feels as though she prefers another man over him. This isn't the way any man likes to feel about his wife. It can lead him to leave the marriage and you will be left wondering how to get your ex back once he does.

It Hurts!

This is one that women often overlook. Your husband is a strong man and he may hide his emotions well. BUT, he loves you deeply. Men don't go into marriage lightly. It isn't a spur of the moment decision for them. He asks you to marry him because he LOVE you.

When you choose to be with another man it hurts him just as deeply as you would be hurt if the situation was reversed. He may not wear his heart on his sleeves but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot of love in his heart for YOU.

The other difference in this is that men aren't as accustomed to women at dealing with their emotions. They feel that they can't really express them. It isn't the MANLY man thing to do. So they don't handle it quite as well as women in the same situation may.

That doesn't mean that all women handle learning that their husbands are cheating well either. Most women aren't able to snap their fingers and just "get over it." Men though do seem to struggle a bit more with coming to terms with the cheating and moving beyond.

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